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Buy Direct Properties is a new website portal aimed at Owners who wish to sell their properties direct to potential buyers, therefore avoiding high percentage fees. 
Buyers benefit by direct contact with owners which helps in a more smooth overall experience and in many instances reduced costs.

Double Your Luck

  • Why not try to beat your Estate Agent and achieve a Win Win situation.
  • Add your property to Buy Direct Properties and see if you can sell your property before your Estate Agent.
  • If you do, then you don't only just get your house sold quicker, you could save thousands in commission.
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Owners FAQ

  • What does it mean: For Sale By Owner, or FSBO

    For Sale By Owner, or FSBO, is the process of selling property without the representation of a real estate broker or real estate agent. Homeowners may employ the services of marketing or online listing companies or market their own property but do not pay a commission and represent themselves with the help of a lawyer or Solicitor throughout the sale.

  • How does it work?

    To advertise your property as an Owner on Buy Direct Properties there is an Owners Menu at the bottom of all pages. This is where you find the links to do what need: 

    1. You first need to Become a Member
    2. Then Login using the Email Address and Password that you used when signing up as a Member
    3. Then click on the My Profile link (only available when logged in)
    4. Click to Add your property and complete as much as possible. Save and Activate
      You can choose not to Activate your property until you have added all information
    5. When your property is active, anyone viewing it can ask a question in the Request More Details box.
      This sends an email direct to your email address. It will contain the email address of the sender and you can now deal directly. 


  • What do I get when I sign up to Buy Direct Properties?

    • You get to add comprehensive property details
    • Upload upto 50 photos
    • Upload a video
    • Upload a PDF Document / Floorplan etc
    • Basically the same as any real estate website, except you have total control to add/edit/delete 24/7.
    • We create a PDF Document from your listing that you can email, print or share
    • Personal ID Number to find your property quickly - BDPXXXX
    • Edit or Cancel at any time
    • 24/7 Access to update listing
    • No commission or added costs when you sell.
  • How do I add my property to Buy Direct Properties

    1. Click on Become a Member and sign up to your chosen plan.
    2. Login with your email address and password
    3. Click on Add Property and complete the information.
    4. You can save and add/modify your information at any time your plan is active 24/7.
  • How do I edit or modify my listing?

    1. Login with your Email Address and Password
    2. Click on the My Profile button
    3. Tick ID box to select your property and then Click the Edit button
    4. Make your changes and Save / Save & Activate Listing


  • How do I enter price?

    To enter price do not use any commas (,) or dots (.)


    Price is €150,000.00 - just enter 150000

    Price is $275,000 - just enter 275000 and change currency to $



  • How do I add photos to my property listing?

    When Adding or Editing Click on the Photos Tab at the top

    Upload multiple files option.

    • Add files from your computer.
    • Files are uploaded in bulk.
    • Simply click Add Files,
    • Browse your computer to find them, select and Add.
    • You will see a thumbnail of each photo and can give them titles like Garage, Master Bedroom, Swimming Pool etc by clicking on the Pen Shaped Edit Icon.
  • How do I move the photos?

    To move photos you need to wait until they have all uploaded.

    Then hover the mouse over a photo thumbnail, click and drag it to the position you want.

  • How do I change the photo title?

    To change the photo title you need to highlight the thumbnail with the mouse and then put your curser in the text box at the top.

    You can then remove the current title (which is usually the name of the image) and add the new name e.g. Kitchen, Bathroom etc.

    NB.  It's a good policy to resize and rename your photos before you upload and then you don't need to change the title because the system always uses the image name as the title.

    e.g. if the image is dsc044.jpg then the title will be dsc044

    However, if your image is called Kitchen1.jpg then the title will automatically be called Kitchen1


    Tip: To resize your images before upload you can use this free website



  • How do I find my own listing quickly?

    To find your own property listing quickly:

    • Click on Search Properties
    • In the Keyword field, type in your Property ID.  BDPXXX
    • Click on the green Search Button
    • OR in Quick Search type in your Property ID and click when it appears.


    Note: This is to view your listing as others see it. If your property is Unpublished you will need to Publish it from the My Profile section

  • Can I temporarily hide or show my listing?

    Yes, it's very easy.

    • Click on MyProfile
    • Check the box next to your ID number
    • On the Green Buttons above, Click Unpublished (to hide)
    • You will see the Publish button turns red and your property will now be hidden
    • Just reverse the process to turn it back on again, Clicking Publish this time (to show) 
  • How do I promote my property?

    We guarantee to spend 25% of your membership fee on Google Adwords to promote the website as a FSBO property site. This is to attract Buyers who are looking to purchase direct from Owners. Potential Buyers will search by Country, Region, Type of Property, Price e.t.c.  If they find your house interesting they will contact you direct using the Request More Details form.

    What can You do for yourself?

    When you create your property it is given a unique number BDPXXX.  You can give people this number to find your property, or you can copy the URL Link in the browser to add to your email signature or post on Facebook.


    Adding this link in a Facebook Post will also add your main photograph and link back directly to your information

    We also create a PDF Document with information that you have added about your property. You can send it to anyone interested.   You can Print it and distribute it in your local area.




  • Do you give refunds?

    In the event that you wish to no longer use our service, within 14 days of becoming a member, we will refund your fee less €25 for administration.

  • What should I look for in a buyer?

    You should look for the following in your buyer to determine how committed they are:

    • Is their house on the market?
    • Is their house sold?
      If not then when would they be in a position to buy.
    • Have they already secured a mortgage?
      If not, then they probably are not too serious at this moment
    • How long have they been searching for a property?
      If they have only just started you can bet they probably wont come back
    • They make a very low offer?
      Stick to your guns, unless you need a quick sale.
    • After a verbal offer they keep asking about very small and insignificant things.
      Probably time wasters.

    This is only a general observation but your own intuition will guide you :)


  • Minimum Requirements

    When promoting your house you must include at least one good quality photograph.

    No links are allowed to other websites.


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